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Chapter 1: Birth of The Gods

Before mortals ever existed, there came Lumenia, the Spark of Existence in the dark, lifeless void. The spark began to grow, this was the moment when time began to move. Lumenia first created warmth with Stars that shine yellow, red, some even blue. Then, it created the basis of worlds, barren lands of rock and soil, with a warm core, such as the one you are standing on, learning about them. Now, Lumenia wanted children.

It created three droplets from its own body, each starting to take shape, form, and powers to create. They were later called by the mortals: The Eternals. Heirs to the powers of the Spark. Thus, the four began creating life on the lifeless worlds, by bringing into existence water, then planted the first seeds.

But, as Lumenia’s children were creating life, there was something else in the eternal void, something that preferred reality to stay as it was: dark, still and lifeless. This entity was the arch-nemesis of the Spark of Existence.

Mortals call it: Nihilon The Void Maker.

The Spark and the Void Maker knew nothing about each other until reality started to change. The Void Maker was awakened when one of the Eternals discovered its existence. Nihilon struck immediately, nearly killing the Eternal, but it survived, with a scar that would never heal.

The Void Maker also created its children, warriors of darkness, three Harbingers, who were commanded to destroy the Eternals while it was fighting the Lumenia.

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